Jesper Teterev
Jesper was excited to be told he was assigned to the new advanced weapons division of the O.S.O. He was one of Russia’s foremost rocket scientists and was heading up their space program at the time of the Tunguska discovery.

His exit from that program would have set the Russians back several years but they more than made up for it after just a few weeks of having Jesper in the O.S.O. He had an instinctive understanding of the alien technology that his peers could never match and he had a knack for finding new applications for the discoveries they made. But he quickly found that he and General Petrakoff did not see eye to eye on the applications of their research. Much of the advanced tech that leaked out of the O.S.O. in the last few years was a result of Jesper’s unwillingness to hoard their discoveries. When Petrakoff found out Jesper was leaking secrets, he had him confined - imprisoned in the factory. He would develop many of the weapons that the O.S.O. used in their invasion, but in January of 1948, Jesper escaped and did his best to disappear.

But Jesper knew that trouble was coming, so he saved some of his newest developments and most powerful technologies for a weapon of his own design; one that could fight against Petrakoff’s army - the XP-41.
Allison is Jepser’s niece and is a pilot and a budding engineer in her own right. When Jesper began living with her and her mother, she knew that something was wrong. She had always remembered Jesper for his fun inventions and amazing ideas when she was a child. He had been an inspiration to her. But now he seemed panicked and worried. He kept himself feverishly busy, but he wouldn't talk about what was troubling him.

One day Allison followed Jesper to the warehouse where he had been working. When she saw what he was working on, she couldn't believe her eyes. The XP-41 was the most amazing, and at the same time, the most terrifying machine she'd ever seen. Jesper knew he could not shut her out, so unbeknownst to her mother, Allison began working along side Jesper, learning to pilot the machine, and trying to understand more about the alien technology used to build it.

Allison is an untested pilot but shows a lot of potential and she knows the XP-41 inside and out. As long as she can continue to collect more protoenergy for the mech, she and Jesper can continue to make modifications and repairs to the XP-41 and stave off the O.S.O. attack.
General Yuri Petrakoff
Leader and founder of the O.S.O., Petrakoff was driven (more) insane by his prolonged exposure to the alien technology recovered from Tunguska.

Most of the original weapon designs were created for national defense as post-World War politics shifted and many Russian officials were left unsure of who their allies were (or if there were any at all). But as Petrakoff began to see what the protoenergy they discovered was capable of, he became much more guarded of its use and more secretive about his plans. The facilities became a literal prison for those working on the new weapon designs. He began recruiting an army that was no longer loyal only to Russia, but to him as well.

As he spiraled into madness, Petrakoff began to see the rest of the world as an ever increasing threat and in April 1949, he launched a full-scale invasion of Europe, intending to subjugate the world or destroy it in the process.